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We created the Roxy Grace®Kindness Club as a way to convey the message that Kindness is Cool and to encourage you to regularly demonstrate kindness towards others.  Sharing Roxy Grace®products is a great way to demonstrate kindness!

How It Works

Create a Lip Balm, Body Scrub or Bath Bomb from one of our kits.  Keep one for yourself and share one with someone else.  Wrap up your gift in one of the bags that comes in the kit and personalize it with one of the special hang tags that you will also find inside.

Whether you decide to share it with your mom, your sister, a friend, teacher, or someone who just needs a smile, you’ll be doing something special.

Contact us with the details of your sharing story (or details of any kind acts that you have initiated) or Like Us on Facebook and share your story there.  We will send you your own special code and enroll you as an Official Rox Star Kindness Club VIP Member. This will allow you to receive special offers, preview new products and be a part of our VIP Advisory Team.  We will also post details of your kindness story in our Kindness Club Gallery.

Upon receiving your code, be sure to write it along with your name, on the Membership Card that came in your Roxy Grace® Do It Yourself Kit and use it each time you send us an email.

Studies have shown that one kind gesture, as simple as it may be, has the power to make a real difference.

Create.   Share.   Smile.

Kindness Is Cool

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